F.I.I.T. Class

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F.I.I.T (Fierce Individual In Training) Classes are a great way to work up a sweat with ME! I offer these fitness classes several days throughout the week (morning and afternoons) at Syzygetic Fitness in Linden, Tennessee. We build stronger and more fit bodies by focusing on resistance training, cardio, low impact exercises, yoga, and overcoming mental challenges for an all-inclusive fitness class.

If you are nervous, don’t be. Everything in the class can be modified to your physical needs or done at your own pace, so all fitness levels are welcome. Wear comfy clothes, athletic shoes, bring a water bottle, and prepare to sweat.

The high vibes and energy are included!

Classes are $12

5 for $50 *save $10

10 for $80 *save $40

Looking to schedule your next FIIT Class?